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Getting in Shape


Ok, so I got to thinking about it, and on livestrong you have all the options for workouts... but does this take into account your body weight? It says it does but i'm wondering if anyone has ever compared this to anything else and how accurate it is.... 
What does everyone use to track their calories burned? Calories consumed is so much easier than calories burnt to track!

Re: livestrong

  • Try SparkPeople.com, I swear by it :D
  • I use live strong and I think that it is pretty accurate.
  • I haven't tried SparkPeople, but I know that Livestrong OVERestimates the number of calories I burn while running by about 10%. It's not just a function of your weight and pace, but also your level of training. If you are endurance-trained, you may burn less than their estimates. (I know pretty close to exact numbers for me since I did an exercising breath-analysis test at a sports medicine clinic last year.) You may do better to get one of those Fitbit or Bodybugg type things, if you can afford, to track your own calorie burn better.
  • I use sparkpeople because it's very accurate and also gives me incentives to lose weight, my own website for others to help motivate me or praise my job well-done and I can see theirs to use as inspirations. It also gives me lots of workout ideas that I can do at work or home without having to have any equipment. Like this week, I've been doing arm workouts and curls using bottles of wine and such items like that! 
  • ok, so i joined sparkpeople... livestrong and I just weren't seeing eye to eye... now I've tracked all food for today... and exercise... now does this show like cals consumed and then how many you've gained from working out? 
  • I couldn't get into SparkPeople, I think it's the non-MySpace user in me, and the fact that I'd used Livestrong for so long.

    Anything that uses a calculator based on your age, weight, the type of exercise you did and the length of time you did it for is going to have some measure of uncertainty.  It can give you a value based on an average, but you'll have no idea how close that is to your actual burn.

    To get a more accurate idea you'd need something like a heat rate monitor (one with a chest strap, runs around $100) or something a bit more costly like a Body Bugg/GoWear Fit.
    We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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