Getting in Shape

Saturday Accountability (ALL)

B-protein shake (2)
S-vita top (1)
L- 1 c strawberries (1), 1 c blueberries (1), string cheese (1), fiber one yogurt (0)
S-smoothie (3), 1 c. cantaloupe (1)
D- ceaser salad (with my own dressing) with grilled chicken (6), apple (1)

Total - 17
Target- 18
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Re: Saturday Accountability (ALL)

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    Morning all!  I'm really iffy on my meal plan for today, but here's what I'm thinking so far:

    B: ww yogurt (1); banana (2)
    S: grapes (1); string cheese (2)
    L: turkey sandwich (5); watermelon (1)
    S: fiber one bar (2)
    D: ?????

    Total: 14
    Target: 26

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    I have shower #2 of 4 tonight.  yes, I feel way toooo spoiled!  So...I have to be strict all day to enjoy the food tonight :)

    B: peach and yogurt
    L:  protein shake (after a.m. workout)
    S:  homemade protein bar
    D; out to dinner for shower :)  grilled chx salad and probably an adult beverage (or 2)

    E;  HIIT and p90x ab ripper
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    I don't want to be at work today!!!!But did get half of our honeymoon booked yesterday!

    B- 2 hard boiled eggs
    S- yogurt, nilla cookies
    L- 100 cal bagel with lc cheese and some soup, fruit cup
    S- soynut mix
    D idk maybe I will make myself some french toast

    E- 20 minute jog hopefully!
    I have to do laundry after work today so I brought a granola bar too just in case I get hungry, then I will advoid the vending machine at the laundry mat!
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    Needed to catch up on lots of sleep today. I woke up to go to WW, then came back and slept for another 2 hours, and have taken 2 short naps since! Eating is a little off because of it, but at least I'm well rested.

    B: skinny cinnamon dolce latte (2)
    L: ramen noodles (6), turkey jerky (2)
    S: tbd
    D: alaskan salmon dinner fundraiser (?)

    E: P90X Kenpo, Legs & Back, Ab Ripper

    Total: 10
    Target: 26
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