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Stress Eating... AGAIN

I know this topic is brought up again and again, but I know you girls are so supportive and understand where I'm coming from! I was doing very well for a while, and my eating is still a lot better than it used to be (I used to binge on boxes of cookies and big bags of Twizzlers and M&Ms!), but lately I've been doing a lot of stress eating over wedding stuff. I'm not eating the junk I used to, but I still notice myself eating beyond when I feel full and can't stop myself. It helps me zone out and not think about what's worrying me. It's only been going on the past couple of days and I gotta stop it before it gets out of control. I do exercise, and that helps, but it's not like I'm exercising 24/7 lol. So I come here for a kick in the butt!!
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Re: Stress Eating... AGAIN

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    I totally understand but you need to try and stop before it gets way out of hand and you say screw it. At least you are acknowledging it but now you need to try and change your bad habit.
    Try to focus on something else when you stress. Can you maybe go on a walk, get a boxing bag in your house... anything to keep you from eating? I know for me walking outside it the fresh airs really helps.
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    if you're having something that comes from a bag, like chips or candy or whatever, pour a serving size, and put it away. even if its "away" spot is usually close to where you are, put it further away. or leave the kitchen. and when your serving size is gone, get lazy and don't walk to where it is to get more! drink a big glass of water instead.

    this is something that my sister and i used to do: we always bought shape and health magazines, so we'd keep them near the kitchen. if looking at the cover model on those magazines doesn't stop you from over-eating, nothing will! lol

    don't let it consume you - you're bigger than your emotions :]
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    Have you looked into binge eating disorders? I have a touch of compulsive over eating (I do/did sneak eat food if I think people will judge the amount I'm eating, keep eating when I'm full, eat things I don't need, go through a whole bag of chips, etc.) I don't do it to the point of throwing up or eating 5,000 calories at a time like some do, but since I know it's a real issue, I can control it better.

    It concerns me that you "zone out" when you're eating. As in you can't stop, or you just mindlessly eat in front of the TV? If it's the latter, make a rule where you can't eat in front of the TV, you put a serving into another container before you eat it, etc. If the former, perhaps talk to a psychologist who deals with addiction and eating disorders, just to see what's up.
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    I have the same problem. I eat when I'm bored, or when I'm PMSy. Working 8 hours a day helps becasue I can only eat however much I bring with me!

    Don't kill yourself over 2 days of binging. You've been doing incredibly well. But don't let yourself get stuck back into your old ways!

    One thing I do to help put my butt back in gear is to look at old pictures of myself when I was at my heaviest (206lbs). Seeing how miseranble and bloated I was really helps get me back on the calorie-counting.

    Currently 175 and still losing :) Hoping to be 140 for my wedding!
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