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Gift Ideas for Ring Bearer & Parents

I want to find a not so cheesy gift for my nephew who is 6, for being the ringbearer. I am getting my neice, who will be 4, a James Avery charm necklace with her initials. This way she can move it to a charm bracelet when she grows out of the necklace. But finding something for boys is much harder! He loves electronics, brainy things and is not big in sports. All the gift ideas online are cheap or cheesy.

Need help! While we're at it... gifts for parents? Considering how much money their spending, nothing seems good enough. We are giving them a photo album from our photographer, but that won't be until months after.
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Re: Gift Ideas for Ring Bearer & Parents

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    edited December 2011
    We bought the FI's parents really nice tickets to a Rangers game. A little self - serving as we also went with them. Laughing

    For my parents I'm thinking about buying them American Airlines vouchers to put towards flights to Hawaii. They went several years ago and have wanted to go back.
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    I really wanted to get our parents a nice weekend getaway at a fancy hotel where they live (their 34th anniversary was exactly a month after our wedding).

    In turn, I was going to get my in-laws a gift certificate to a fancy restaurant in town. (Eddie V's).

    But we kinda ran out of money when we had to spend 2k on a shuttle bus the week before the wedding so ... there went those ideas. I didn't end up getting them any gifts.
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    I'm getting my parents and his g'ma a photo album from my photographer, plus a copy of the dvd from the videographer. Luckly the videos will be deloieved no later than Aug. 29, 2011! yay!

    I'll prob just get a card with a visa g/c for them to go out to dinner on!
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