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Time is standing still today, let's get here already 3 day weekend!

What is your favorite kitchen gadget? Or, what did you register for that you're most excited about?

We got an egg and muffin toaster as a wedding gift (from Target) and it is bad ass! It has an attachment next to the toaster part that poaches your egg while your english muffin is toasting. Takes less than 5 mintues and you can even warm up pre-cooked meat at the same time. Makes my egg mcmuffins so much easier in the morning!


Re: Fave Kitchen Gadget

  • I absolutely love both my kitchen scale and my magic bullet.  I love having a smoothie every morning for breakfast and making it right in the glass that I take with me.  I'm pretty excited about the grill pan we're registered for.
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  • A personal chef, but I can't afford one of those. :)
  • We got the grill off our reg already! I LOVE it!

    And the panini pan has been purchased.. I can't wait for that! And the fondue set... that hasn't been purchased yet though. My fingers are cross =)
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  • I'm really hoping for a Magic Bullet.
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  • raynesraynes
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    My kitchen scale.  And it's pretty low tech.  Other than that, definitely my super awesome food processor and my stand mixer.  We registered for both, but got them with gift cards when they went on sale after the wedding.
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  • our little kitchen scale.  i use that thing allll the time.

    i also love our magic bullet, but just don't use it much.  i should use it more, it's fantastic.
  • We got the Magic Bullet but I haven't used it yet. Do you guys make anything other than smoothies in it? I need to experiment.

  • raynesraynes
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    I used to use my Kitchen Whiz (Magic Bullet knock off that the hubs got me for Christmas one year) to grind coffee, but then I got a coffee grinder.

    Mines pretty much a single serve smoothie maker.
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  • My mandolin is awesome. I just bought a cheap one from Target and I use it at least twice a week. It makes slicing veggies so much easier! I can't wait for the fancy one I registered for.
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  • This whole thread makes me want to chop my troubles away with the Slap Chop...
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  • Ha, love it!

  • I love my garlic press.  So much easier than cutting up myself. 
    The one thing I really hope we get is All-Clad stainless steel's a lot to ask for, but if that's the ONLY thing we got, I would be more than pleased!

  • I feel like after 3 frozen fruit smoothies my magic bullet doesn't blend as well as it did the first time.  I have to constnatly stir it to get it to blend all the frozen peaches.  Anyone else have this problem?
  • I was thinking of adding the Magic Bullet to mine because I love smoothies!! I did put a blender on there.

    One thing I can't wait! My Kitchen Aid Mixer! I want to make cookies!! Now when I want to make something, dessert-wise, it's hard because I don't have a mixer or a blender! FI never had the need for them since he always ate hungry man dinners!
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  • On the expensive side, I got my kitchen aid mixer at my shower last week.  We love it.  My FI used it before i did to make mashed potatoes.  

    On the inexpensive end, I cannot wait to get more mini-whisks.  We use them for making scrambled eggs, omelets, and cheese sauce for mac and cheese.  We stayed in most of the weekend to get stuff done around my apartment and I feel like I washed my one mini-whisk a dozen times! 
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  • I love our toaster oven.  I make quesadillas, "fried" chicken sandwiches, pizza, fish, "grilled" hot dogs, baked chicken, etc.  I use it almost as much as our microwave & way more than the regular oven.  
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