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Bridal Portraits-Where Did You Change?

I have bridal portraits coming up on March 12 and I have a stupid question: did you girls change at home or change once you got onsite at your portrait shooting location? 

I'm worried about severe wrinkling of the dress while riding in the car, but I'm pretty sure this worry is completely unwarranted and total paranoia, and just wanted to confirm so.

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Re: Bridal Portraits-Where Did You Change?

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    stephl3055stephl3055 member
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    I changed when I got to the location.  My bridals were inside and I changed in the restroom, but my mom brought an old sheet that she didn't use anymore so that we could lay it on the floor while I got dressed.  That way I didn't feel icky walking around barefoot or letting my dress touch the ground. 

    Most indoor places are kind of weird about where you change.  I think I remember someone saying at one place if you wanted to change in a meeting room (as opposed to the bathroom), you had to pay extra or something like that. 
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    TCUESW1999TCUESW1999 member
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    My pics were taken in Highland Park outside.  I changed in a park down by a creek with my mother looking out for me.  It was really akward but I had to change there, there was no way I could drive with the dress on. 

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    I changed onsite. My bridals were at a hotel and I change in the restroom in  handicap stall with the door open (so I wasn't too close to the toilet with my dress!), a sheet on the floor and my maid of honor there for help.
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