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I just did the Fit Test for Insanity.  whoa! my legs feel like jello!  i feel like i didn't do so great at the fit test looking at my results, but i feel like it kicked my butt.  is anyone else starting insanity? and do you like it?

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  • I am on week 1 of Month 2 of Insanity.  And I love it (that's what I have to tell myself) -   the fit test totally kicked my butt too  and will continue to - you will be impressed with your improvement in 15 days.  I can totally tell a difference with my body.  Good luck!
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    i hope i can make myself love it! haha. i did the first day of cardio today and i definitely had to take more breaks than he gave me!
  • I'm getting ready to start it! Just got mine in the maile yesterday. I'm excited but a little scared. Good luck!
  • FI and I did Insanity a few months ago, then took a break because of injuries. But you just have to keep telling yourself to do it.

    Good form is really stressed while you're doing the workouts, but I'd say it's good for you to do the workout in a (safe) modified form just to keep your heart rate up if you can, rather than take a break (unless you're given one).

    Just keep going! I could barely walk the first week, I seriously scooted down our stairs on my butt because it hurt so much to walk down them. But I still worked out through the pain.

    Don't be discouraged by the Fit Tests, they really are one of the hardest parts because you push yourself so much.

    Have fun, and you'll love the results!!!
  • I've completed one round of insanity, took about 3 weeks off and started the program again.  When I first started the program it was literally the LEAST favorite part of my day, then after about 2-3 weeks when I could actually keep up with the DVDs and not take an unscheduled break, it started to pump me up, not to mention the results I saw even after 30 days!  I haven't weighed myself lately nor measured myself since the last workout but in total I lost 15 pounds and 12 inches!!!  I can definitely see the results.  I decided to start it up again because I still have about 5 more pounds I want to lose (plus get those 6 pack abs :o) ) I have a year to go until the wedding so I figured why not!  I do recommend taking some sort of recovery drink after your workouts.  I use team beachbody's P90X results and recovery formula, but I'm sure you can get a different one at GNC or something.  ANYWYAS, I SWEAR by the recovery drink.  The days I did not use the recovery drink I felt sore.  Good luck ladies... and DIG DEEPER!! ha!
  • My fiance and I just started this on Monday and so far its totally kicking our butts!  I could hardly walk Tuesday and Wednesday, but today I am feeling much better...I cant wait to see the results!

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