Getting in Shape

I need to tone up these lunch lady arms!!! HELP!!!!!!!

So although I'm on the petite side, I've never been happy with my arms. They're flabby and no amount of weight loss changes that. I stay thin by eating fairly healthy, but the idea of working out makes me want to take a nap. Im SO lazy! Since I havent had a REALLY intense work out since high school cheerleading (that was 7 yrs ago....)  I feel like it's time to stop being a lazy waste of life, since this is the only (hopefully) time I'll get married. So I need some help from you work out queens. My target areas are my arms and the little bit of extra love I have in my hips. My stomach is okay and i have the scrawniest chicken I dont need help there. Suggestions?! My fiance and I just joined a gym and im trying to be motivated....
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