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This is somewhat of a response to the "Crash Diet" post, but I also thought this deserved a post of it's own. Not only do crash diets not work in the long run, but they also can have mental as well as physical damages. 

Of course every bride wants to look absolutely stunning on their big day, but our culture has began to emphasize that being thinner is more beautiful. 

Yes, it is important to eat healthfully and exercise, but when it gets to the point of anxiety and obsession, is when it crosses the line. I am a recovering anorexic and my disorder didn't begin until the stresses of the wedding mixed with other life situations became a major trigger. I have been engaged since June 13th 2009, and my wedding is in 3 weeks on June 19th, 2010. 

I am now fully weight restored, but when I was in the midst of my disorder, thought thought of gaining weight was unimaginable. If you tell any bride that she needs to GAIN 20+ lbs right before her wedding she will probably freak out. That was me, I did it and I feel good about myself. 

The obsession to lose weight is overwhelming and the idea that every bride needs to have a "perfect body" for their day is unfathomable. I have to say that I feel a million times better about myself that I have learned healthy boundaries.

Believe is far too easy for your mind to slip into unhealthy thinking from crash diets. In one year I have almost died from an overwhelming disorder, but I have reached a point of health now where I have never felt better about myself! 

I just wanted to offer encouragement to those who have dealt with similar situations to me as well as those trying to lose weight. Your husbands-to-be will love you no matter what. I'm getting married in 3 weeks, and I know now that my fiance loves me for my heart and he thinks I look beautiful inside and out. Laughing

Re: brideorexia

  • Your story really is encouraging and thankyou for sharing.

    I love that this board is dedicated to being healthy in general and going about weight loss in the healthiest way possible. I had a conversation with the FMIL last night about how I didn't want to eat ribs because I felt they were just too high in calories and not worth the splurge to me (its not something I was craving or really even care too much for). And she responded kind of rudely "oh so you're just not going to eat anything until the wedding?" And I was really taken back by that, I don't understand why wanting to make healthier decisions would offend someone? To be honest my getting in shape has nothing to do with the wedding, I really care more about being healthy as a whole and looking better wedding or not.

    So with this inspiring post, I just wanted to say thanks to all of the inspiring ladies out there who understand this is a lifestyle change to be healthy and not simply an attempt to lose weight.
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  • In Response to Re: brideorexia:
    Thanks for sharing!! Im glad you did, because Im in kinda the same boat you are. Ive had anorexia since I was 14 ( now Im 22), and have been hospitalized 4 different times. The past year Ive been doing much better, but right after we got engaged ( May 2009), I started to slip, and my weight dropped a ton. Ive gained most of it back, but this past month has been so stressful for me with the wedding coming up/family issues ( mom needs kidney transplant), that ive lost some of the weight i gained back. Im now in the process of regaining, and i have like 5lbs more to go for my wedding weight goal, and 10 to go for my ultimate goal. This board is so helpful to me cuz Im trying to gain muscle mass back that ive lost and learn tips on how to eat healthy! Thanks for sharing your story...It is supportive to know that there are others out there who struggle too with anorexia and are overcoming it!!!
    Posted by megilb

    Meg, Thank YOU for sharing. I truly know what it feels like to let the thoughts creep back in and take over. But let me offer some IS possible to overcome it. Often what I have to do is audibly tell the thoughts to shut silly as that seems haha. When I start feeling anxious, I know it's not my true thoughts that are speaking up, so I've learned how to sense when I'm starting to get into that frame of mind. I am so proud of you that you have a goal to get to for your wedding. I did too, and I was really scared to try on my dress once I reached the goal. I tried it on last week and LOVED it even more than when I had first tried in on! It's really is a blessing to feel good again. I still have to check my heart and thoughts...but things are getting better! I am so proud of you!

    About gaining muscle mass....I've been eating protein like CRAZY! It makes me feel better too...Protein shakes are great and greek yogurt is super high in protein. I don't like red meat, but I load on turkey and chicken to everything. I feel like a guy haha...but that mixed with lifting is what I'm doing to gain muscle :)
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