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Asthma...Ugh... (sorry if this is long)

Hey ladies. I'm a bit discouraged, and a little frustrated.

Well, about 2 months or so ago I had started working out and lost about 10 pounds (I know my ticker is not updated. I've been a bad knottie. haha). Then FI's son came in to town for his summer visit, and to try and save money while he was here we decided to work it out so the kids only had to be in daycare 2 days a week while he was here (as I have a daughter as well), so between Me and FI's days off and vacation days, we got it all worked out, but that meant pretty much working opposite shifts with FI, which in turn means spending ALL of my free time everyday with two 2 year olds. So my days were: Wake up at 6 am, go to work from 8:00-5:30, come home, take care of the babies until 8:30, clean up the tornado of a mess that the kids have made, spend 20 minutes or so surfing the knot or reading or something of the sort to wind down, go to bed around 9:30 because I'm exhausted. I had no time to myself, so I just didn't want to use that time to work out (I know, it's so bad! ugh...).

Well, FI's son is leaving this weekend so I started working out again last week to get in to the habit, and I decided to start going running on the track at the local HS. The problem arose because I live in Nebraska, and our allergy season is AWFUL every year, this year being no different. I have always taken care of my asthma and usually don't have too many problems, but last week I woke up one morning and my chest felt tight so I used my inhaler and just kind of pushed it out of my head. I drove the kids to daycare and started having stabbing pains in my lungs and when I finally got to work I was having back to back asthma attacks. I finally made it to the dr and they put me in the hospital to get me stable. They got me a neb treatment and some oxygen and I was all good, but my lungs had swelled up and rubbed against my ribs (most likely while working them hard during one of the asthma attacks says my dr) and so they're extremely sore, so I'm not allowed to do any extra physical activity for a week because the dr doesn't want me to hurt myself. The dr also said that I should probably not work out outside, or do any extra physical activity outside then I need to, because he's worried that my body is not fighting off the allergies well at all this year and he doesn't want me having to put myself in the hospital again (and of course I don't either).

I guess I'm just frustrated with myself for being so out of shape in the first place, for not listening to my body when my breathing obviously wasn't doing well. And I'm frustrated with the fact that I now have to do all my workouts inside until the allergy season dies down, and even more frustrated because we just had to move our wedding date up almost 4 months so I need to buy my wedding dress in December and want to lose some weight before then. This wedding planning is supposed to be fun, and I'm supposed to be excited to get a dress, but I'm so frustrated and stressed that it's just...not there for me.

Ugh...I'm sorry this was long ladies, I just needed to vent. If anyone has any good excercises that I could do inside it would be greatly appreciated. My Mom went and bought me a stationary bike for my house (she's seriously the best mom ever) because of my asthma things, so I'm doing that every day, but I'm just not someone who can stick to a "workout DVD" really, so I was hoping to make some kind of workout regime and use the bike (since it's there and my mom bought it for me, might as well!) and hopefully drop 30 pounds by December (too much? I don't even know anymore...I seriously feel like I'm stinking it up at this healthy lifestyle thing).

Thanks for the help ladies.

Re: Asthma...Ugh... (sorry if this is long)

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    Girlfriend, you've got plenty of time. Cheer up : ) There's 84 million things you can do inside to get yourself down to a weight you want to be at! You can do all kinds of videos -- I love ExerciseTV (search for it on ITunes or in Google) and they have 20-30 minute exercise vids of all kinds, I think they have a cycling/biking one since you mentioned you have a bike. There's all P90x as you mentioned. Can you go to a gym? You can walk briskly on the treadmill, ride a stationary bike or do the elliptical. I have had exercise-induced-asthma my whole life, which always bounds me inside during allergy season! You can also pick up 5 lb free weights at Target. I have them, and I use them for everything when I workout inside. Free weights boost your metabolism so don't be afraid of a little 5lb-er.

    Just make sure you're getting plenty of rest/drinking water and all that good stuff. And eating healthy certainly won't hurt either!! Good luck!
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