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  • That is BS!  I'm a size 10 and my body looks nothing like that. 
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    This shows me what a disorted imagine I have of myself.  I am a size 4 dress and I feel like I look like the women on the right (size 16).
  • Ok these girls are completely airbrushed. Doesn't show any bumps, imperfections, cellulite, etc.!! The girl who is a size 8 looks skinnier than I am now & I am a size 6 lol. So either my body image sucks or someone had too much fun with photoshop!
  • Wow, I wear a size 14 and I wish my body looked like the the girl who supposidly wears a size "16".
  • I believe that the women in this picture are the sizes that they say they are, but they also carry their weight in the "ideal" way.  I definitely don't carry my weight as well as those women do.  I do also think that I have lots of body image issues.  I wonder what people who don't have weight concerns would think about that picture.
  • Meh, I believe these women are true to size. I also believe that they are probably plus size models (except the middle one) and are much taller than the average woman. A size 16 looks much different on someone who is 6' tall than someone who is 5'4"...just something to keep in mind.
  • There is no way that size 16 girl is a size 16, or not severly air brushed. There is no way. Her arms are way too thin, and shes got a much smaller stomach than someone that size would be wearing. How do i know, I was a size 16 for quite a while recently and regardless of height, a size 16 waist is a size 16 waist. And that aint a size 16 waist.
  • I agree with the pp who said these women are true to size, but just tall and carrying their weight well.

    I was a size 16 when I first started working out, and I never had a huge bulging tummy.  I was just wider across the hips and butt and tummy all together, adding up to a size 16.  The model looks really broad shouldered, so I think that makes her waist maybe look smaller than a 16.

    I think, overall, this is correct.  Although I'm suprised that "men's ideal" is a 12.  And that model looks larger than a 12 to me.  But I do have some size distortion issues, and I'm probably a 12/14 right now.
  • I know I have pretty screwy body image, but I didn't think it was THAT bad.  I'm a size 10 in the hips and look bigger than that size 16, which is no way possible given my actual measurements.  I agree with madtownbride that I'm thinking these sizes are distorted by the models' heights.  If they want to make people think about their body image and make an impact, they should get women who are NOT Amazons to model for this kind of photo. 

    This is in no way complete, but I think this is a MUCH better way to show size:
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  • It would be better if the average size woman (16) was also had an average height, and wasnt an amazon like lalanav said.
  • Interesting website Lalanav! I agree that looking at real people with height and weight in perspective is much more effective than the original photo. However, the original photo is still nice to see because I think the women are all beautiful even though their sizes are much different. Now if only I could convince myself that I am beautiful at any
  • I completely agree that the women are all beautiful even though they all vary in size; it would just help me out a lot more to think the same about myself if I could actually relate, haha.  I'm selfish!
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    Yeah, so these are British sizes. So that 16 is more like a US 14.

    Here's the link:
  • Wow noelle, nice find.  It makes SO much more sense now. 
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  • There's nothing better than a heart-felt, real discussion here on the board!!! I just love you guys <3
  • That's really interesting.  I feel like I am a bit chubby but my co-workers think I'm pretty thin.  Fortunately my DH loves me at any size.  I just wish that I could be happier and focus less on size, more on my health!
  • I am currently a size 14 and there is NO WAY that I look like the size 16 woman.  And I'm 5'10".
  • This is really interesting.  I like to think that I have a pretty realistic grasp on how my body looks and I'm currently in a size 12.  And yet, I don't even look as close to thin as the size 16 model.

    I will say that as we were discussing eating disorders in a psychology class today, it made me kind of glad that I'm a little heavier and I'm okay just the way I am.  I prefer to strive to be healthy and fit rather than just thin.
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  • That's so interesting that almost everyone on here agrees that these girls are beautiful, but don't see themselves that size.  It's taken me a while to get past distortion, but I'm a size 10/12 and think my body is pretty similar to the model's. 
    But it should also be said, that some people just carry their weight in different areas; I understand that I'm very lucky to have a hourglass shape, regardless of how large I am. :)

    What I thought was even more interesting, is that the women's ideal is so far away from the men's ideal, but no one mentioned that...
  • I was wondering when someone would bring that last comment up :)
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