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Started Extreme Fitness for Women but --

I started Extreme Ftness for Women to get ready for my big day, however, besides trying to eat better -  is there something else that I should do to help me lose weight?


Re: Started Extreme Fitness for Women but --

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    Hey!  I'm not familiar with Extreme Fitness for women, but I'm sure it's good.  I'm a  big proponent of running (and walking), preferably outside.  Outside, with natural hills, you will almost always get the best workout.  Nothing keeps me in shape as well as running.  If you're not typically a runner, start slow with intermittent running and walking.  Even walking by itself is a fantastic way to slim down.  My dress is strapless, so shoulder and arm workouts are a big deal to me.  I've always lifted free weights, so I'm mostly maintaining, but some of the bridal mags have good arm workouts. 

    Good luck!  Eating well, and the right portion sizes, with exercise, should do the trick.
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    Thanks love
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