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Sugars vs. calories??

So I switched to a new yogurt (used to be the Dannon light and fit, now it's the store brand - trying to save money!) but it has more sugar than Dannon. I eat sometimes up to 3 yogurts a day, and each one has 11g of sugar!! It does has 90 calories and more protein than Dannon, but when does sugar combat calories?? I'm trying to watch calories and now I'm afraid I'll gain weight with this much sugar intake...there's no end to the counting! Which is "better" to keep track of?

Re: Sugars vs. calories??

  • Calories, but you are MUCH better off trying to get a yogurt that has a bit of fat and more protein, so you actually get full from it. Try a greek yogurt! It might be a few more calories, but you'll probably eat less at other meals, if that makes sense.
  • Look at the ingredient list -  if sugar is in the first 5 igredients just say no - nothing good comes from it  at all.   You will just be hungrier later despite the lower calorie range.

  • I used to get the quart of greek yogurt and eat half a cup every day, but I figured I would try this, but I might go back to the greek yogurt. I eat 2 yogurts for breakfast, then I used to have the greek yogurt for lunch (along with veggies and fruits). Then sometimes at night, I would have another as a snack! I love yogurt (obviously lol).
  • I buy a big tub of Mountain High nonfat plain. I find it at Safeway. It's usually not as cheap as a tub of the store brand. But it does have more protein. Not as much as greek. But less expensive. It's a good in the middle all the way round, IMO.
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  • I say calories over sugar. I track everything on MyPlate and between my orange juice in the morning and an apple with lunch it says my sugar is way over what it should be.

    You might try to cut down on anything else sugary during the day just to balance a little. At least your rockin' on the calcium side!
  • Do you watch Burn Notice?? LOL J/K they always eat yogurt! In fact watching it and it is one of my fav shows makes me want yogurt! I am a Greek yogurt convert. I find it way more filling! I love Chobani, and it goes on sale often so I try to time my purchases! 
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