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How do you get motivated?

I am having so much trouble getting motivated. I want to lose ~20 pounds by March for my fittings (yeah, I know it's a stretch), or at least by my honeymoon mid June. I already eat healthy,but lack motivation to work out. How do you get motivated?
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Re: How do you get motivated?

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    I had the same problem. I just had to suck it up and start working out whether I was motivated or not. After about a week I felt great and wanted to keep going.
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    Honestly I made a decision to change my lifestyle and did it.  It really is that easy.  When I don't want to exercise I do it anyway.  When I want to eat bad I just don't. 
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    I personally feel really good after working out (directly after and in general), and its a feeling I dont want to give up. I feel strong, I feel healthy, and I get a rush from it. I sleep better when I work out, my appetite is better when I work out, I can see the changes that my body has gone through since working out and it all helps to motivate me to keep going.

    You just have to stick with it, it can take a while to start really reaping the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, but once you do its worth it not to give up.
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    I got some great advice on a similar thread about a week ago; my favorite so far has been makig sure my mirror is out in the open so I can actually see myself, and another great one was to keep in a visible place a picture of myself when I was at a lower weight that I'd like to achieve again, so I know what I'm working towards.

    I've heard people hanging up clothing they'd like to fit into out in the open so they can see a tangible goal right in front of them, or taking measurements/pictures of themelves to see easily visible/quantifiable results that aren't tied to the scale. 
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    I'm with Nebb--I feel so much better all around when I work out, that even when I don't feel like it, I do it, because within a few minutes, I start feeling really good.  I just really focus on my meals and planning them, and I try to plan my workouts too. I have been doing really well with keeping up with workouts and am definitely feeling a huge difference. And seeing it. My butt looks good, I FEEL thinner and like Nebb said, I feel STRONG. 

    I really think it's getting the workout started each day.  Whether I plan to work out in the morning or evening, I put the dvd in the player the night before, and as soon as I get up/get home, I put the dvd player on to queue up while I change into workout gear.  And by the time the warmup is over, I am feeling good and ready to go. I also mix up my workouts.  I have several Biggest Loser dvds, the 30 Day Shred and Jillian's Metabolism Boost. I still really struggle to get through the Boost, so I usually do that Sundays when I am off. This week I have done a different dvd every day I work out, it just throws some variety in the routine of working out.

    The next 3 weeks will be challenging because I will be busier, but I definitely plan on squeezing in workouts as much as I can. I always fall flat around Thanksgiving, and my goal is to keep it up this holiday season!  Good luck!
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    I think about the fact that our wedding pictures will be around FOREVER.  Our grandchildren and great grandchildren will look at them.  I don't want to look at our pictures and not like what I see!  That is enough to motivate me!

    I have always enjoyed working out and I love how great it makes me feel.  I have never in my entire life been thin and have always been at least slightly overweight.  I had an undiagnosed illness this past year and I didn't go to the gym for an entire year.  This has been disasterous for me and I gained about 20lbs.  Finally, after 7 months of antibiotics I am healthy again and have the energy to workout.  I have been at it now for about 6 weeks and I have already lost 14lbs.  Once you start to see results it really helps to fuel motivation. 

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    I am so not motivated. There friday was 6 months until my big day and I would love to shed some pounds. I love the statement that went something like "wedding pictures will be around forever for kid and grandchildren to look at and I don't want to not like out picture" WOW that really makes me realize I don't want that either!! I think I don't have time to work out or really want to spend the little time I do have with my fiance, not walking on the track by myself. I just need  to do it. I totally agree with the results statement though, if I don't see results I get discouraged
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