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Getting in shape again after accident

I was in an auto accident a little over two months ago and I haven't really been able to excersize much since then.  I have also gone back to my old ways of eating cookies daily.  I am just frustrated with myself.  :(  My back is getting much better but I still have to be really careful.  Any ideas?

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    If it's the 3 o'clock hungries that get you, maybe start bringing something to snack on?  I need to eat around 3 each day or I get cranky, so I plan for and bring a snack.  Maybe once and a while I'll go for something else, but just the fact that I've already got that snack packed up and there usually keeps me on track.
    We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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    I ran into the same problem as you.  I had just gotten myself back into going to the gym regularly and though I would be in better shape by the wedding.  Then I broke my wrist snowboarding and had to have surgery on it.  I couldn't do anything for a few weeks.  Then I had a custom splint made and went to the gym a few times, but t was so uncomfortable that I stopped going.  I hate anything on my wrists or hands when I work out ,and I had to wear it in case I fell or something, so I opted to just not go to the gym, and then got very worried for the wedding.  (My surgery was almost exactly 6 months before the wedding). 

    I chose to just focus on my eating and get that under control first.  I ended up joining weight watchers since i know that works for me, and I've lost just under 20 pounds.  Now I'm slowly getting back into working out too.  I do a lot more outside now that its nice.  And I am way happier with how I'm doing it.  Sometimes its just too much to completely change your diet and start a mega workout plan at once.  Much easier to give up IMO.
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