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anyone had this happen?

ok so i'm not new to working out at all, and this has happened a few times in the past, but more often these days: after a hard workout (usually the next day or so), my muscles will actually be sore to the touch - not like oxygen-debt soreness that you feel when trying to move, but actually skin-contact sore. anyone familiar with this? any trainers who can tell me what's going on?

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Re: anyone had this happen?

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    Make sure you're warming up and stretching if you have time before your workouts.

    Don't lift more weight than you can handle. For arms (ie) start with 8lb weights do 4 reps of 12. You should be able to do that with not a lot of struggle. Then gradually move to 10lbs, etc.

    My legs will always be sore if i haven't worked out in awhile. Being sore is a good thing - that means your muscles got a workout. Try not to work out really HARD one day then other days slack off. Keep your workouts consistent without over doing yourself.


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