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Pre-Workout Snack?

Everyday at work around 3:30-4:00 I find myself ridiculously hungry and have to eat something before my 5:30 workout. I've been doing almonds lately, but am starting to get sick of them, and I'm not sure they're very easily digestible which probably  isn't great for just before a workout. I love yogurt as a pre-workout snack, but I need something that I can just leave in my desk all day, and preferably doesn't require eating utensils.

Any suggestions?

Re: Pre-Workout Snack?

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    Maybe a banana? A few years ago when I had a personal trainer he would recomend a piece of fruit before every session.
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    I find carbs easiest to digest pre-workout.  Fruit or crackers are my go-to snack if I'm eating right before a workout.
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    I ussually have grapes, a banana, applesauce or something like that. I cant ussually do high carbs before working out so I ussually stick to fruit.

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    Everyday at 4pm I have apple and green tea... I'm a little hungry before gym at 7pm
    but it's not too bad.....
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    It sounds like you need something that is more filling: consider increasing your fiber, and it would help if your snack includes at least two of these three: protein/fat/carb. So half an apple w/peanut or almond butter; high-fiber crackers or high-fiber cereal w/dried fruit or w/a. or p. butter; dried or single-serve no-sugar-added fruit such as mango, apple/applesauce, apricots, raisins with almonds, walnuts or pistachios. You can also do a bar, but make sure it's not a high-calorie one - or just eat half of it - and that it has a roughly equal ration of protein/fat/carb. (I often eat half a Luna or Cliff bar as a snack because they can run over 300 calories.)
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    hwrd, fruit is carbs.  not grains, but still carbs.....

    I can never make it from lunch to dinner and always have a snack around 3:30 or so, so yay for snacks.  Snacks are good.

    Non-fridge requiring snacks, eh?  If you're getting sick of almonds, maybe try some other nuts.  My afternoon snack today (pre-workout) is a mix of slivered almonds, pecans and raisins.  Quite tasty.   An apple with some PB is a great idea too.

    I like a bit of protein and some carbs before a workout for both some fuel and to get the muscles going.
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    I usually snack on dry cereal but mostly a banana or apple do the trick. It gives me energy and fills me up but not enough to wear I will feel sick at workout.
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    Depending on what works best for your body b/f you work out (what sits well and gives you energy), I'd try yogurt, string cheese, smoothie, chocolate milk or fruit (fresh or dry) or mix up the nuts (cashews, walnuts, pecans).  Ideally you'd consume these 30 minutes before your work out so you have extra energy to push yourself (I usually do something like dry fruit to get me two 30 minutes before my workout and then eat yogurt or drink choc. milk b/f 30 minutes before).
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