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"Fun" home workout dvd?

Hi everyone, I'm fairly new and mostly a lurker, but I was wondering if anyone had any advice for a more "fun" dvd that I could do at home. I've been doing Jillian Michaels, which is great, but some days I don't really have the energy to do her workout (like when I've had to pull an all nighter for school or taken a 5 hour exam) and I would like to have something that is a little less intense and slightly more fun to do. I figure doing a workout that doesn't make me feel like I'm going to die like Jillian Michaels is better than doing nothing right? Thanks!

Re: "Fun" home workout dvd?

  • I love the NYC Ballet workouts.. They're difficult but kind of low key - not boisterous at all. I can see them being a bit tricky to catch onto though if you don't have any dance training..
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  • Tae bo can be kinda fun.  Picture something/someone you hate when you're punching!  
  • I have a dance workout by Julienne Hough (who does DWTS, I think). It's fun, but it's an hour. You can only do 1 or 2 of the dances, though, if you need to cut it short. She does stuff like the Paso Robles, Tango, etc. I will say it takes a little more coordination than weight lifting, though.
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  • I play DDR on my PS2.  I prefer the game mode over the workout mode.
  • I really like the 10 Minute Solutions Kickbox Bootcamp DVD.  It's broken up into five different sections that are each ten minutes long and work different areas.  I like being able to do as many or as few as I like and it's pretty easy to catch on and keep up.
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  • I love Zumba- I do it at my gym, so I've never tried a video. But I know they are out there, and many people do them.

    Zumba is as high energy as you want to make it. You can go all out, or hold back if you are tired. Either way, you are moving and it's fun! I burn more calories in Zumba class than I do in almost any other class, and I don't feel totally wiped out afterwards unlike others (like weights, circuit, kickboxing, etc). It's lower impact.
  • thanks for all the suggestions everyone! i definitely have no dancer background, so anything requiring much coordination probably wouldn't work well. i've been wanting to try zumba, but there are so many dvds i don't know which ones would be worth it. i'm glad i have some options to look into though! thanks so much!
  • They're a few years old but I liked doing the Carmen Electra striptease videos.  It was a fun exercise to do with my roommates, we got our yoga mats out in front of the TV and did it together.   She does all different levels, teaching you steps one at a time and then you link them all together.  No clothing removal required.

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