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Please don't bash me....I've learned my lesson.....

So please don't bash me.  I'm only here to write my testimony.

I was taking phentermine and doing "The Diet Dr" plan which is basically no carb and any protien you want.  It was great at first!  I was losing all kinds of weight and I could eat all the cheese and meat crap I wanted.  However, I should have known better.

I just got very ill with fainting, shortness of breath, and horrible headaches.  After several checks, my blood pressure is sky high to the point I could have a stroke.  This is a direct effect from the pills and diet.  It is so not worth it.  I feel like an idiot.  So now I am on the DASH diet which is really just common sense on eating healthy.

I just wanted to put my testimony in because I never understood why y'all bashed people about crash diets and now I do.  It's horrible for you and not worth it.


Re: Please don't bash me....I've learned my lesson.....

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    Girl thank god your okay.  Take it easy and just eat healthy and work out.
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    I'm glad you learned and before it was too late!! I was once a crash diet-er, but it put me in the hospital - I was young and dumb! Best and healthiest way to lose weight is to eat healthy proportions and limit your junk food (because no one wants to cut it out completely) and exercise 3-5 times a week about 30 mins a day - and work your way up. I've heard people say that for the longest time and I just started doing it myself and already started to see results. I'm up to working out 5 xs a week and altogether about 2-3 hours a day (I take an hour and half aerobics class 4 days a week + at home work outs)

    Nothing good comes easy! Good luck.
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    That is SCARY! Glad you're ok and you learned your lesson. Stick around and go about weight loss the healthy way.
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    thank you so much for your testimonial. it take guts to admit mistakes you have made. and hopefully someone will read this and think twice about some magic pills or program that are so bad for them.

    eat less move more
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    omg you are so lucky that you found out what was going on in time!! the important thing is you're healthy now, and you can fix whatever the pill/diet combo did. the crappiest thing about diets like that is that they seem so simple and easy until something terrible happens - and we're all vulnerable to their promises! don't beat yourself up over it - and thanks for sharing! i wish everyone who posts on here about fad diets or whatever could read your post.

    best of luck for your recovery from everything! :]
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