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New here and also to WW

Hi ladies,

I am new to this board.  I have been on here occasionally and I love how motivating and positive everyone on here is.  It's great to have this kind of support!  I will admit that I was inspired to join WW after hearing such great things on here about it.  So, I went to my first meeting last Monday night.  I thought this past week was going to be really hard, but it really wasn't!  Tracking what I ate made me think about things and plan out my meals better.  In turn, I weighed in last night and was 4.2 lbs lighter!  Woo hoo!  I would like to lose between 40-50 lbs before our wedding on 10/10/10 and maintain that weight.  I have tried many diets and succeeded (but only temporarily).  I'm hoping that this time it sticks!  I can't wait to see how next week goes.

Brooke + Chavis
est. 10/10/10

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Re: New here and also to WW

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    Welcome! This is a great board to keep you on track. You can also join our daily WW accountability thread that lets you plan out your day's food and points and get encouragement from the other WW girls.

    GL and keep us updated on your progress!
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    Yayyyyy! Good for you! Good luck!
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    I love WW. I have been on/off with them since February 2006. Since then I moved from Cali to NJ then to PA for Graduate School then to DC. Through all of that I always went back to them.

    Although I have gained quite a bit back from my lowest weight I know I can loose it again!

    Good luck with everything and always trust in the process. You may gain here or there but you will loose in the long run and it will stay off longer than a quick fix!!
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    Good job Brooke!!!  Keep up the awesome work.  Good luck with trying to make your goal by the time your wedding day arrives.  I know you can do it.

    - Heather

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    Hello :) I am new to WW too.  I didnt lose any weight the first week but that is because I was getting used to writing everything down.  Now on week two I find I am tapping into my extra points everyday :(  Guess I need to eat healthier!
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