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Hey everyone! :)
I had just recently started a little yoga routine into my daily life.
I bought a video and it's a series of yoga exercises that only take 10 minutes each.
It's brought a lot of relaxation into my life, and I always make time for at least one session a day as it's only ten minutes. No excuses for that. There are basics and exercises for a burn as well. If you're looking to tone up your body, increase flexibility and overall gain a better sense of yourself, skip the gym and get some yoga into your life.

Has anyone taken any yoga classes? Do you feel like they've been more beneficial to you than at home/working out at the gym?

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    I've taken a couple classes when they were offered for free... They were relaxing but everyone there was at least twice my age so they didn't go too in depth and I didnt feel as challenged as I would have liked to... I'd say find a class for people your age to get max benefits! I love yogAMAZING! It's an itunes podcast thing! His videos are fun to do, and his voice is VERY relaxing. What video did you get?
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    I take yoga classes at my local gym. I love them because I don't get distracted by... the dishes that I have to do after.. or.... the laundry that needs to be folded after... or.... someone walking by outside..... I love doing yoga in my apartment, but doing it in a class can be fun with all the yoggies around you too. Give it a shot! I love it.
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    I haven't done any classes. I have cable TV that offers Free Exercise TV as part of their video on demand. I do the yoga instructional videos there. I also do some very basic yoga for stretching and warming up before doing any of my other work outs.
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    I used to take classes at my gym all the time but I haven't in months. I love it but the biggest obstacle for me is to work myself up to going to the class at the times they are offered. My style tends to be more just showing up to the gym whenever I work out, or working out at home.
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    I take free yoga at my gym but I also do Bikram (got an awesome groupon but I will admit, it's not my favorite) and practice regularly at a more advanced Vinyassa studio.  I got some inexpensive packages there when they had a big sale. 

    Personally, I agree with the PP.  I do practice yoga at home every now and then but it is never for as long or as relaxing as practicing in a community of people in class.  I also need the feedback that an instructor can give.  I am not interested in getting injured because I'm in a pose incorrectly. 

    I absolutely recommend exploring options in your area for group practice.  The yogic community is awesome and it's a great way to expand your personal practice.
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    I took a begginers/intermediate yoga class in college. i absolutely loved it and i now do yoga about 2-3 times a week for 20 minutes. The only problem I have is that it bothers my back with the stretching and I work at an ARC so because I'm so active there it's really a killer on Saturdays after my 14 hour shift.
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