Getting in Shape

Monday Accountability

EDITED: I went grocery shopping and revised my plan for the day :-)

b - fiber bar
l - manchego cheese, salad w/ turkey & fat free dressing
s - skim latte
d - scallops, asparagus, quinoa
s - strawberries

e - 45 min elliptical

Re: Monday Accountability

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    Me too! The only thing in my pantry is cereal and left over desserts (that I'm not appreciating-too tempting!)

    B: 1c fiber one cinnamon cereal and 1/2 c ff milk
    S: granny smith apple
    L: avocado, tomato, lettuce, cucumber and mustard sandwich
    D: TBD-hopefully I'll get to the grocery store first.

    E: maybe 30DS if I have any extra time/energy/motivation
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    I was bad today and skipped breakfast :(
    S- fruit salad and yogurt
    L- hummus, wheat crackers, and carrot sticks
    S- granola bar?
    D- broccoli stuffed sole and whole wheat corn bread
    E- pulling weeds and the pushup thing
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