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Menu Idea Needed

I love samosas.  I went to Trader Joe's and got some some where two samosas (one serving) are 170 calories.  Now I need ideas to go with that for the rest of the meal.  Any suggestions?  I would need to not go over 250 - 350 calories for whatever that is.  TIA!

Re: Menu Idea Needed

  • I'd say chicken breasts with some of the TJ indian sauce.  Delicious!
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  • What about one of the frozen Indian entrees? I don't know the calorie counts, but they have one that is garbanzo beans in a curry sauce that is delicious (and can't be THAT high), also chicken tikka, there is a lentil dish, and others. I love all of their Indian food!

    They also have Biryani rice in the frozen section that is really yummy. I love their frozen garlic naan, but that doesn't really go with samosas!
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