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Long Injuries

So its been 3 months.  First bursitis in my hip, then a stress fracture in my femur.  So today,  I went for a follow up visit with my Orthopedic doctor, thinking it would be my last visit.  I have a very loud clicking in my hip and the doctor says that is a sign of a labral tear.   I have heard the clicking in physical therapy but didn't think it was a big deal.  Apparently it is common to have a labral tear after a stress fracture.   I need to get an MRI with dye.  This is has a been a long injury journey!  Whew.

Re: Long Injuries

  • I feel you, my knees are STILL giving me grief. Atleast 3 out of 7 days they are sore or hurting, its getting better but im still not 100% and its frustrating. What kind of limitations are there with a labral tear?
  • It is SO frustrating and I know you can understand.  I really am dead set against all of this NOT getting in the way of my fitness, its just another thing that is a pain in the butt.

    I am not sure the limitations.  I still am only allowed to do swimming, biking and upper body lifting.  I cannot use the elipitcal, run or do any lower body lifting until the results come back. 
  • Well atleast youre still able to be active in some way. Its so discouraging when you cant do what you want to do though. When is the test and when do you hear back?
  • I have to call in the morning to set up the test.  I won't hear back the results for 2 weeks since the doctor is on vacation.

    I am going to continue physical therapy in the meantime until the results come back.
  • That's so frustrating!  I'm sorry both of you have to deal with these prolonged injuries!
  • Ahhh! I completely know where you're coming from. The orthotics have helped my arches, but the bursitis in my foot bed is still there and quite painful. I haven't gone back to the doctor yet, but probably will soon.

    Best of luck for a quick recovery!
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  • Thanks everyone, I appreciate the support!

     I made the appointment for Jan 4th, I can pick up the results a few days afterwards. Wish me luck that the resutls come back with no tear! 

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