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Buddhist-inspired vows?

Does anyone have any Buddhist-inspired vows I can use for inspiration? Thanks!

Re: Buddhist-inspired vows?

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    Yeah, I'm working on writing our ceramony atm and I'm Shambala Buddhist, FI's Jewish.  Some traditional wedding prayers and vows:

    “In the future, happy occasions will come as surely as the morning.
    Difficult times will come as surely as the night.
    When things go joyously, meditate according to the Buddhist tradition.
    When things go badly, meditate.
    Meditation in the manner of the Compassionate Buddha will guide your life.
    To say the words ‘love and compassion’ is easy.
    But to accept that love and compassion are built upon patience
    and perseverance is not easy.”

    Buddhist wedding vows as inscribed in the Sigilovdda Sutta. The groom will say, "Towards my wife I undertake to love and respect her, be kind and considerate, be faithful, delegate domestic management and present gifts to please her." The bride will then say, "Towards my husband I undertake to perform my household duties efficiently, be hospitable to my in-laws and friends of my husband, be faithful, protect and invest our earnings and discharge my responsibilities lovingly and fastidiously." 
    (I LOVE these- I think they're hilarious/ totally awesome!)

    I'd also be happy to share our ceramony with you, just let me know!  amy dot mangos at gmail dot com
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    "How joyful to look upon the awakened
    And to keep company with the wise.

    Following then the shining ones,
    The wise, the awakened, the loving,
    for they know how to work and 

    But if you cannot find 
    Friend or Master to go with you,
    Travel on alone-
    Like a king who has given away his kingdom, 
    Like an elephant in the forest.

    If the traveler can find
    A virtuous and wise companion
    Let him go with him joyfully
    And overcome the dangers of the way.
     Follow them
    As the moon follows the path of the stars."

    -Dhammapada, translated by Thomas Byrom

    There is also a "Great Discourse on Blessings", a piece in which it names life's "blessings supreme" from the Mangala Sutta that I love

    these are just readings I love, not even that wedding related :) 
    I'm interested in how others are incorporating it into their vows...
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