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Keep vows to myself?

Hello All,I have a question.  Did you share your vows with your FI before the ceremony?  I like the idea of keeping mine to myself until that day, but is that normal?  Do you think it is better to share them with each other?In writing the vows we both agreed that it has to be under a minute, and have three sections.  How we feel about marriage, how we feel about each other, and what we promise each other.  As I have never written vows before, I really don't know if this is what I should do or not. 
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Re: Keep vows to myself?

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    I was going to keep them secret but then I realized that on the spot in front of everyone I will probably be so focused on getting mine out that I might not really get to appreciate his as he is saying them, while if I hear them ahead of time I will be able to enjoy them more. This is just me and I have serious issues with public speaking so if you don't this may not be an issue for you but I don't think either choice is weird, just personal preference.
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