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Please help me find my vows!

My Husband and I went to the courthouse on a whim in July to get married there, we didn't have any vows picked out and just let the clerk choose.  She did a lovely ceremony about roses but it was NOT a rose ceremony.  There was no mention of exchanging roses etc.  I was shaking and overwhelmed that day and didn't think to ask for a copy of the vows.  Now we are considering renewing our vows on our first anniversary for those family members who felt offended by us eloping and would like to use the same ceremony.  I know I could always try calling our clerks office but with as long as it has been and as many weddings as they do I'm sure she won't remember ours at all and she had hundreds in her WORD files lol.  I know this is a long shot but I thought maybe someone here would know of a ceremony other than a rose exchange ceremony that fits.  I've googled but only one thing comes up.
Thanks so much.

Re: Please help me find my vows!

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