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Wedding on fiance's birthday...

Would this be odd? He proposed on my birthday and we want to get married next summer, July 28. The only other thing is, that will only be a month after his brother gets married, is that too soon after? We are thinking our wedding will be much smaller than his brothers, I don't think it will look like we are tying to outdo them. In any case, I'm excited! What all have you other July 2012 brides done so far? I haven't done anything except get a general idea of how it will be...
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Re: Wedding on fiance's birthday...

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    I dont think its odd, in fact most brides that i ahve read about tend to get angry because someone else is getting made BEFORE them. If this si the day you picked, its the day you picked, HOWEVER do keep in mind the costs for the out of town guests, this may mean booking days off work twice within a month for weddings, as well as travel expenses, etc.
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    There is not time frame in how long you have to wait.  They get one day for a wedding not one month so go for it!!

    I pretty much have everything booked b/c I am a psycho planner and have been engaged since last august.
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    In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-club-boards_july-2012-weddings_wedding-fiances-birthday?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding Club BoardsForum:066005ef-215f-48b1-8655-328b41e07c52Discussion:1d10b123-beba-4d40-a49d-dfbe0f7d1c63Post:794694ff-a777-48aa-9b0f-8a98613983ec">Re: Wedding on fiance's birthday...</a>:
    [QUOTE]There is not time frame in how long you have to wait.  They get one day for a wedding not one month so go for it!!<strong> I pretty much have everything booked b/c I am a psycho planner</strong> and have been engaged since last august.
    Posted by LADY324[/QUOTE]

    Hahahaha! I dunno why but this just made me laugh lol.

    OP no worries, you'll be fine. Just check to make sure traveling and such won't be an issue as PP said. Welcome! :)
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    I think that's totally fine. The only thing you might want to be prepared for is people who may not be able to make it to both, which might mean that some out of town guests who are invited to both weddings may not be able to come to yours. 
    I got engaged in April and so far I booked the venue (which has a wedding package which includes the ceremony site, chairs and tables, linens, place settings, DJ, bartenders, buffet dinner, midnight snack, wine on each table, champagne on the head table, and a room for FI and I on the night - as well as the option to block out hotel rooms for our guests to book - pretty great set up and has saved me so much stress and time!) I've also booked my photographer and my marriage commissioner. I have a family friend who has offered to do the cake (and cupcakes) for me as a gift, and another friend who has offered to do my makeup as a gift to me. I've picked out my ceremony (my marriage commissioner gave me some great examples to choose from), and I've started some little DIY projects for the escort cards and ceremony programs (making fans!). I also have my wedding party picked out and have asked them (I know many people suggest waiting til 6 months before in case things change but considering they're my sisters and friends I've had for years and consider family, and really have no concerns whatsoever about, I didn't feel the need to wait)
    Basically I'm a planner and it makes me feel much more relaxed to get started early (But I'm trying to be careful about not driving family and friends crazy with wedding talk! Although my mom, MIL, and bridesmaids are all excited to be involved which is nice). I've already given FI permission to tell me if he's wedding plan-talked out at any time and I think I've done a good job of matching my love-to-plan personality with his go-with-the-flow personality.
    For me, the planning, brainstorming ideas, and DIY projects are fun, so I didn't see the point in forcing myself to wait and then stressing about it :)
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    Out of town guests shouldn't be an issue, as both of our families and nearly all our close friends live in the same town.  His brother is having the wedding 3 hours from there but we are getting married in our hometown.  
    I am so excited to get started on DIY invites and dress shopping!  
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