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Please be brutally honest...

You are so many things to me - so many things that all the words and time in the world could not even begin to describe my love and devotion to you.   What you and I have, what we share, cannot be articulated.   It's perfect...perfect for us.  It's home.  It suits me, and I have honestly never been happier.  You are my best friend and you make me laugh every single day. I never understood it when people would say "I am marrying my best friend", and now I do. This love is Heaven sent and I praise God for you!   You are the most wonderful and precious person in the world to me, and I cherish our bond. 

In 1940, my grandparents married each other in Tulsa, and then, 34 years later, my parents did the same.  They pledged their lives to one another and never looked back.  I look forward to honoring their commitments and following in their footsteps.

As I stand here today with you, in this most important moments of our life, I have never been more sure of anything.  I join you in this most sacred of covenants and I vow to be better than my best.  I promise to love you until my last breath.  I will take care of you when you are sick, revel in our happiness, comfort you in sorrow, hold you in the highest respect, and always look for the good in you.  Whatever lies ahead of us, good or bad, I will be here.  I will give myself to no other for your love will be my only love until my dying day.  I will honor you as my husband, my friend, and my soulmate...I will forever be true to you.

From this day forward, you shall not walk alone.  Where you go, I will go - and I carry your heart in my heart.  I will live for you!

As I have given you my hand to hold, I give you my life to keep.  It's with absolute joy and certainty that I take your name. I give you this ring and pledge my faith and love to you all the days of my life. 

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Re: Please be brutally honest...

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    I'm glad that you had actual vows in there! So many people just read their feelings about the other person, which always confuses a traditionalist like me...

    In terms of "brutal honesty," how are you with keeping your cool? A lot of people choke up or start crying when reading their vows. I'm sure you want to keep most of yours, but they're a little long, and you (and your guests) are going to have a difficult time getting through them if you get weepy. I'd see where you have repetition and cut there. For instance:

    First paragraph:
    - Start with "All the words and time in the world..."; the rest is another way of saying the same thing pretty much. Also cut the next line, because it's also saying that words aren't enough.
    - "It suits me" sounds a little cold in comparison to the love expressed in the rest of it. Haircuts suit people :)

    Third paragraph:
    - Take out "in this most important moment of our life." I'm sure that you're certain every second of every day, not just that one, and in the next sentence you mention the importance of the covenant.

    Fourth paragraph:
    - To be brutally honest, I feel like "I live for you" is a little (to refer to that story that's been floating around) suicidal jilted Chinese bride. I get what you mean, I just feel like there might be a better way to put it (I can't figure out what that is, though).

    If you think it's still too long, maybe cut the part about your parents and grandparents, but I can see why you have it in there, since it seems important to your vision of marriage.

    Hope that helps!
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    ITA with above, well summed up
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    agree with PP, very beautiful though!
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