personalized "wine steward" bottle charms & cork/cap holders

here's a suggestion for an awesome favor or bridal party gift...www.thewinesteward.orgIt's a decorative that hangs on a wine bottle and it has a drip collar, an adjustable elastic part that holds the cork or cap, and then it has decorative beads and a charm (dual or single sided).  They are sold at some Bad, Bath & Beyond locations and restaurants & wineries, but if you contact the company you can order direct and they will comepletely customize them for you.  If you want to use them for favors you can even have the company make tags for you and use them as seating cards - you just send them your list.So cool I just had to share!We're going to give everyone in our bridal party a bottle of wine with a customized wine steward right on it! 
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