Where can I get Hershey kisses in just one color? (red)

I'd like to get red tinfoil covered kisses to fill a favor mug I am doing. I know they are coming out with the Xmas colors but it seems like such a waste of money to purchase tons of those little bags at the drugstore to only use 1/3 of them! I'll try Costco to see if they have larger bags but not sure....Any ideas?? Thank you!!

Re: Where can I get Hershey kisses in just one color? (red)

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    My only guess would be to order directly from Hershey itself.  They may offer specials for custom ordering-like how Jones Soda allows you to place your photo on their bottles if you order a certain amount.

    Good luck.
  • jeanna85jeanna85 member
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    not sure when u need them by, but they always used to have plain red bags during valentines day

    or order wholesale:
  • felkelsfelkels member
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    good luck!  I went to Hersheys to see if I could order special ones...I want a christmas only flavor, but want it in my colors...and they don't do it!  I was so bummed.  I can do regular and dark chocolate kisses for my colors, silver and purple, but I wanted the mint kisses.  If you find anything please post!
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