Favors for 50+ Kids...?

So I did an est. on how many children could be at the wedding and got to 58 Sooo... I was originally going to do crayons wrapped in some ribbon and a bunch of different coloring pages to go with it
Do you think I will be doing too much?

Re: Favors for 50+ Kids...?

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    Coloring books will keep them entertained for a little bit, but things like glow bracelets and stuff are fun too and can be found at Dollar Tree and the $1 section at Michaels.  Also, if your venue has a place for it, maybe you can rent a bounce house or have a "kids room" with movies and games and a couple older (high school/middle school) kids watch them.  I don't think they need a bunch of stuff and I think their parents will be more appreciative of your money going towards other things to keep them entertained.
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    Honestly, if you're expecting the kids to use the crayons and coloring pages during the wedding, just skip them.  The kids will want to be doing what everyone else at the wedding does:  eating, drinking (sodas) and dancing.

    I teach preschool, and the length that *most* little kids will be entertained by coloring is about 15 minutes tops. 

    If you're doing edibles for the adults, do the same edibles for the kids.
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    We're not having that many kids at our wedding, but we've looked at having a face painter (you might need 2+) come and do that.  We thought that would appeal to several ages of kids and that might be entertained by watching what the other kids are getting on their face. 
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