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Looking for inspiration and/or people's experiences

Good morning all :-)

I am getting married in Jan 2011.  I am looking for inspriation shots or advice/experience.  I really want to have centerpieces with dried naturals and/or tree branches spray paited silver, white, glitter, etc.  I also want taller ( 4 or 5 ft versions) down the aisle of the church so that it looks like we're walking through a winter wonderland ... Has anybody seen this or done this?  I welcome all advice, good, bad, indifferent.  Thanks all!

Re: Looking for inspiration and/or people's experiences

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    i haven't seen it in person but I adore the idea! it sounds gorgeous.
    heres a photo I found
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    I agree. It sounds very pretty and I love the PP's link. The only concern I would have is 'Can everyone see?' I mean will they get in the way of the guests' view?
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    That's the exact church inspiration pic that gave me the idea :-)  That's awesome.  But Suz, you're right - that's what I'm worried about - is it everybody will be able to see.  Maybe I put the trees by the back pews ... only 2 trees on each side.  At the church, the pews are 18 deep on each side (sitting around 400 people) so surely I'll be able to get everybody in the pews without sitting people where they can't see ...
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    Maybe instead of doing a ton of them close together you could space them out some. The picture below is done with flowers; however it shows that maybe you could do only four spaced out on each side of the aisle which would give more of an opportunity to see. You also wouldn't have to purchase as many materials to make them.

  • Sue-n-KevinSue-n-Kevin member
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    First, I'd recommend you find out what your house of worship's rules are. We cannot tape anything to the ends of the pews, or use anything that would damage them.

    Secondly, since you have a while, to get the best "price" for twigs & tree-like items, I'd recommend going around neighborhoods for the next couple of months and gathering together anything that resembles what you want after people trim their trees for the season. There's no reason to pay what you'd have to pay for "branches" online. I'm assuming you have "tree-compost" pickup days like trash days.

    Good luck.
  • twilight.rosetwilight.rose member
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    We used branches in our tall centerpieces. We had them sprayed white, with a paint that had an iridescent/sparkle look to it. They were over 5 ft. tall.

    My biggest recommendation is to not totally DIY them (I bought the vases to use in our home later, etc., but let the florist take care of the majority of the construction.) I was so glad our florist largely handled these, because their floral designers knew precisely how much weight, etc. to put in the vases so they wouldn't fall on guests, which would be a complete disaster.


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    how about the trees just flanking the altar, not as dramatic, but still lovely and everyone could see
  • Catwoman708Catwoman708 member
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    As centerpieces, they would be fine, and as long as they are tall and skinny, you can see around them fairly easily while seated. 

    If you are using them for aisle decorations, check with the church first.  Some churches don't allow dried or artificial flowers or decoration, and only allow fresh
    flowers or live plants.  Many discourage aisle decorations because they are a tripping hazard, or interfere with the service.

    And you might want to make sure there is room for two people to walk down the aisle past the decorations. 
  • glam70sglam70s member
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    I'm doing almost exactly that.. Centerpieces are tall slim glass vases from the dollar store, filled with slim silver painted branches that I picked up cheap in the post-christmas sales in January. I'm filling the bottom of the vases with rock sugar - sparkly and cheap.

    I'm still debating what to do for the altar. I think I'm going to echo the centerpieces and have tall vases (3 feet tall) with larger branches. My uncle is a florist, so he'll help me balance them. The other idea I had was to visit a local nursery and ask for any dead young trees they have. Cut the roots off, hose them off and dry them, and then maybe paint them silver. Voila - wintery trees for the altar.
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