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Show Me Your Bouquet!

Hi knotties! Married ladies, please share pics of your bouquet! Planning lades, share pics of your dream bouquet! If you know what is in the bouquet, please share that information, too, to help other ladies.

Re: Show Me Your Bouquet!

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    [IMG]<a href="http://i30.tinypic.com/wqtzy0.jpg" rel="nofollow">http://i30.tinypic.com/wqtzy0.jpg</a>[/IMG]
    My Princess

    and me

    <a href="http://lilypie.com/"><img src="http://lb1f.lilypie.com/CgaSm4.png" width="400" height="80" border="0" alt="Lilypie First Birthday tickers" /></a>

    <a href="http://s1187.photobucket.com/albums/z393/LindsayLooWho/?action=view&current=epi.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i1187.photobucket.com/albums/z393/LindsayLooWho/epi.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>
  • janedoe1113ajanedoe1113a member
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    My inspiration bouquet
  • Brian'sbbgirlBrian'sbbgirl member
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     The roses I chose were David Austin roses they smelled devine, like a basket of sweet fruit! You can't really see it in this pic but I also added one white orchid on the top right corner. There was also a thick pink ribbon that flowed out from the tip of the bottom white orchid.
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  • jagore08jagore08 member
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    The one in the front is mine and the one in the back is my MOH.  Mine had peonies and the MOH had gerbera daisies.
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  • kls114kls114 member
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    This is my inspiration bouquets & flowers...

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  • AngelaOct11AngelaOct11 member
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    Here is my bouquet.  It was a tad bigger than I was expecting but I loved it :-)

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    Love the large rhinestones wire accents and the way the handle was finished off!

  • anna.oskaranna.oskar member
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    Roses and stephanotis for my bouquet, Icy and stephanotis for my BM's bouquets

  • clseale13clseale13 member
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    My flower inspirations are under the decor section of my bio. There are NO pics of a bouquet like mine. Haha...I hope that's not a sign that it will be ugly and that the flowers won't look good together. I'm using white anemones and green orchids.
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  • sunflowr0803sunflowr0803 member
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    Here is my bouquet. I was and still am completely obsessed with it! I was blessed with an amazing florist who knew exactly what I wanted even though I couldn't quite describe it. Laughing
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    All the bouquets that I seen on here are really beautiful. I have made wedding bouquets for a couple of friends of mine for their weddings and I loved doing it for them. I am now getting married in May and I have decided to make my own bouquet and I am so excited to get started on it. All the pictures here have inspired me. My wedding colors are antique white, black and apple red..its a color of red that is unlike any red I have ever seen. My bouquet will have the antique white and red colors along with the floral greenery.  I was thinking of going with lilies, roses along with the greenery. Any suggetions on maybe other flowers that would go with these flowers.


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    My vision:

    Red freedom roses with black magic roses to give a black and red effect.  Tied with a pink ribbon!
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  • HaleyLadyHaleyLady member
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    I actually made it for my shop at www.myhaleygirl.etsy.com cute for a garden wedding huh? I had more of a vintage wedding myself, but this is my dream bouquet.


    I love butterflies!!!!!
    Everyone elses bouquet is so beautiful! I love them all!
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    I loved my bouquet - It was Pure White Roses and Stephanotis flowers.  There were rhinestones throughout.  The bouquet was wrapped from the extra Chiffon from my wedding dress. and had wired stephanotis flowers falling from my bouquet.  My florist then added my bouquet charms of both my grandmothers in their wedding dresses w/ their bouquets...

    i could not have been happier with it! ...i also have pics in my siggy of it

    Here is a link to my florists website- my bouquet is under embelleshments


    if you want more pics of my bouquets or my bridesmaids bouquets, email me - [email protected] optonline.net

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    Roses, spray roses, hydrangea, and lisianthus

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  • dancr214dancr214 member
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    This is my bouquet from my October wedding! 
  • Ken&CassKen&Cass member
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    My inspiration, not just for the bouquet, but for the whole wedding!

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    ordered mine on Etsy.com love that its silk so i can keep it forever!  our colors are black ivory and red, with lotsa polkadot accents :)

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  • mahnkencmahnkenc member
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    Dont have my professional pictures yet but here is a glance at mine - very garden whimsical :)

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  • jsilver2010jsilver2010 member
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    Hi everyone,

    I am new here.  But I looking for wedding flowers for my friend (and I know nothing about flowers).  Could anyone offer some tips.  My friend's thinking of the florist at this website http://www.rachelchoinc.com/SearchResults.asp?Cat=21#/v/vspfiles/templates/Rcho/images/gallery/070824-1556%20%28Custom%29.jpg
    What do you think?  Thank you!
  • jsilver2010jsilver2010 member
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    Oh forgot to insert a picture
    Thank you!

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    Roses and callalilies.

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    Here is my bouquet - peonies, green cymbidium orchids, and ivory roses:

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    When my flowers came in wrong, I had to start from scratch just 3 days before my wedding... Though it was stressful, I think they turned out beautifully. My bridal bouquet consisted if white roses, smaller blush roses, white dahlias and to create the effect of feathers in bouquet without actually using them, the bottom of the bouquet is lined with "blushing bride" How appropriate!Smile
  • golden1215golden1215 member
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