Hydrangeas, roses, and freesia.. Oh my!

Untill I got to this board, I don't think I had quite comprehended what a wide selection of flowers there really are. Wow. I have a tight budget to work with. Our colors are purple, lavender, and ivory. I'm having a hard time settling on which flowers I like best, so I was wondering if anybody had some suggestions for me? I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

Re: Hydrangeas, roses, and freesia.. Oh my!

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    I'm doing purples and blues for my wedding.  I'm using hydrangeas, which come in a light blue or darker purple-ish color i believe.  I'm also using iris's, lisianthis, which come in a dark purple, and also white, with purple tips.  There is also a flower called delphinium which comes in purple as well. We will also be using ivory roses, and some lavendar roses.  HTH!!!
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    For Fresh flowers...Carnations, daisy pom pom's and spidermums are some of the most reasonable flowers.  Anywhere from 1.00 to 2.00 per stem.  Roses are mid priced and always traditional.  Hydrangelias are beautiful, but can be a little pricy.  Freecia is beautiful and has a nice scent.  Stock and asters are really nice too.  Most of these come in purple and white/cream.  All would be nice flowers for your wedding.  Silk will always be cheaper, especially if you look for sale flowers.  What ever you decide, I'm sure it will be beautiful.
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