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Hi Ladies..this is my first time posting here!!I have no idea what I am doing. I am not a DIY especially when it comes to flowers. I don't know what type of flowers go with what. All I know is that I like the two different textures of my DIY centerpiece. Please help me out. What should I add. How do I make this centerpiece look more professional? LOLI have been playing around with different flowers. I will have 10 tall ones..sort of like this and 15 medium. What do you think?this centeriece has purple mums on the outside, I have no idea what that bush of fillers are in the middle (if you know, could you please rtell me - LOL) and orchids will be floating on the inside of the vase.Thanks for your help!

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    Hey, The secret to DIY is less is more. Your choices for colors and having flowers with different shapes are good. However, its not working so well in the arrangment together. I would either do just one type of flower per vase or add more flowers to the arrangement. Your instinct to add more texture is right. Try adding more greens or other elements, such as branches, would help. I'm not sure from the picture what flowers you have in the middle. Also, it seems that your arrangment is a little too short for the vase and the flowers are a little to crunched together. A good rule of thumb is that size of your arrangement should be 1 1/2 times the height of the vase. My arrangements can still look a little smushed into the vase, so when I am done, I put my hands at the base of the arrangement (just above the vase) and lift the whole arrangement up no more than 1 inch and let it fall back into the vase. It just loosens everything up. Hope this helps!!!
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    oh hi there, Detroiter! ;) I would add a couple more of the purple guys to the edge, and/ or tighten the whole arrangement up- you could even use just a rubber band or something so the flowers are tighter, and then you can kind of push the purple ones down to right along the edge, and maybe raise the little flowers in the middle up a bit Head on over to the wonderful google images, check out "tall wedding CPs" or something like that. One thing you'll see (no matter what type of CP it is) is that the good ones all have flowers that are pretty tight together, and/ or equally spaced apart. The spacial design/ the way your eye flows over the CP is more important that the types of flowers you use, really. GL!!
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    OMG!! thank you both so much!  This really helped!!!!! I will play around and post a follow up!!i really Hey fellow detroit knottie!!!!!!!!
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