Blue and Yellow Flowers?

Hi everyone, my FI and I are having a beach wedding this coming May and I am looking around for what types of flowers I would like in my bouquet. I am not too familiar with flowers, but I know that there are not many naturally blue flowers. So far I have found light blue hydrangeas, and possibly hyacinths, but not much more in the blue category. I am specifically looking for light blue and pale yellow flowers, do any of you have suggestions? I was also thinking of mixing in cream-colored flowers as well. I am trying to visualize what flowers would look nice together, any suggestions are helpful!

Re: Blue and Yellow Flowers?

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    Delphinium comes in a pretty light blue. If you image google blue and white wedding flowers, lots will come upGood luck
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    Hi. I am doing the same wedding color combo (yellow and blue) and I am having the same problem with the blues so I think I am just going to do mainly yellows with a touch of blu. Here are a few blues I have been told I could use: Delphiniums, irises (there are pretty light blue ones or the dark ones), Hydrangas, and also there are some light purple asters that might work. BOL
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