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Greetings all, well with 2 weeks left to go I am down to my final steps. I have everything done that is up to date with my Knot checklist. One thing I still haven't decided on. My flowers. Well I know they are Sunflowers and I made all of the flwers myself. I decided to make handheld bouquets for the bridesmaids/Matron of Honor with some salmon gerber daisy's as accent flowers. But on my flowers, yes I have to be differnt, I decided as as knew, that I want to carry my sunflowers with long stems, tied together. I have tied them together with yellow ribbon, coral ribbon, and with nothing. I just need opinions here. Do i need the coral flowers to accent them? Do I use some ribbon or something cascading with the stems? How about greenery? do I use anything other than the sunflower? I guess the Sunflower only idea is mine, so I did not decide to use stand alone sunflowers in the other party's flowers. I just need some ideas on how to put the finishing touches on them. Something to make them really just stand out. Thanks so all. ps, yes I am so anxious, not about the marriage, about the ceremoney. I designed it all myself

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