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I have read reviews and all the instructions for what to do when you receive your flowers (wholesale).  I'm ordering from Sams.  My question is, when would I put together the arrangements?  Friday is when I would think...but I'm going crazy thinking of all I have to do Friday lol, I guess flowers will have to be priority!!

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    i recieved mine on a wednesday and started opening them and put them in buckets so they would open. then friday it was all about the flowers lol. up intil midnight! i had alot of help. we did 4 bouquets and 12 centerpieces.
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    Most flowers will be fine for a few days if you trim the stems, prep them, get them in water right away, and keep them cool. Typical arragements can be made 2-3 days in advance, just make sure they have plenty of water in the vase (or oasis wet foam) and are kept cool. You can always start them 2-3 days in advance, and leave the finishing touches the day before. Same with the corsages, bouts, and bouquets, IF you can keep the stems in water, like in a vase in a refrigerator or room with the a/c turned cooler. If the ends of the stems will be wrapped, you can wrap the ends of the stems with a wet cotton ball before wrapping them with floral tape, and keep them in in a refrigerator for 1-2 days. BUT, make sure there are no fresh fruits and vegetables in that refrigerator (it can wilt the flowers or turn them brown), and make sure they are protected from drafts or the air in the fridge blowing on them. You can buy plastic bout and corsage boxes at most craft stores (or use Gladware), or use a lightweight dry cleaner's bag wrapped loosely around the bouquets. Check the flowers frequently to make sure they stay hydrated and cool.
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    thanks so much!
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