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Hi,I have a question that I hope someone on this board can help me with.  My mom is wearing the dress in the picture here: does not want a corsage because she will have to roll up her sleeve for it to go on.  She also does not want a pin/magnet on the front because of the beading.  (Which is what I think she should  do.)  So her solution is to have her flowers pinned to her purse.  I don't like the idea because she plans to then carry her purse down the aisle, in pictures, etc.  I think it takes away from her being recognized as the MOB.  Does anyone have any other suggestions?  I don't want to pick a fight with her over this, but I want her to look nice.  Thanks!

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    Sorry to inform you, but it doesn't matter if you like the idea or not. If you don't want to pick a fight then respect her wishes. Because: *MOB flowers are optional, and a personal preference. If she doesn't want to wear them, don't insist. Many people don't like wearing flowers, they can be a pain to deal with. *As long as she is appropriately attired for the occasion, it would be rude of you to try to dictate what she wears or what accessories she wears or carries. *She doesn't have to be wearing a corsage for guests to know she is the MOB. If they don't already know or recognize her, they will know by what she is wearing, where she is seated during the ceremony, and by the fact that she is in the family pictures. *If she's wearing her hair up, suggest some flowers in her hair, if she's agreeable. And you might suggest a simple evening purse with a skinny strap or shoulder strap, that blends with her dress so it's not noticeable in photos. Moms like to keep their purses with them, so don't try to come between mom and her purse, lol!
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    Many moms, and grandmom's are carrying small clutches of flowers, then when they get to their table a small vase is in back of their place setting to put the clutch in. The mom's and grandmom's seem to really like this idea in Florida.
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    Like the other comment. I think a little nosegay bouqet will work very well for your MOB. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, but it still allows her to be reconized! Good Luck
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