Wooden flowers?

Hi everyone! I looked back through the last 3 pages to see if this had been posted before or recently, and I don't see anything, so here goes..A fellow bride-to-be recommended that I check out The wooden peonies look awesome and since I'm getting married in April, it's a nice alternative to paying a florist some insane amount for peonies in my bouquet.My question, though, is whether anyone has had any experience with wooden flowers for their wedding. Any complaints? Any raves? It seems like a great deal and the bride-to-be who recommended them assured me that her ordered flowers looked awesome.Any thoughts? Thanks! :)
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    Oh, they are even painted.I think they look nice, but I've never seen them before. I'd kinda worry that paint might look cheap, but there's no way to tell from the site, you'd need to order a sample to look and see for yourself I think.
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    I was photographer at a friend's wedding who used wooden roses. They were amazing! They looked great, they were sturdy, and not much of a hassle at all. If you can find the kind of flowers you want in wood, I definitely recommend them!
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    I actually helped a friend with the wooden flowers. Honestly, I thought they looked like cheap dollar store artificial flowers. The roses looked "okay" and had pliable, wire stems, wrapped in green floral tape, so they were much like working with silk flowers. She also had wooden mini callas, which I did not think looked good at all up close. The stems were straight, unbending sticks wrapped in brown floral tape. Instead of the yellow in the center, they had what looked like dried baby's breath. The petals felt like styrofoam, and were creased. We had to steam them to smooth/reshape them. They were very hard to work with, and I thought they looked like dried flowers. But once they were put together, they looked better, as long as you didn't look too close. And because of the artificial stems, the stems on the bouquets had to be covered or fully wrapped with ribbon. So if you like the look of ribbon only in the middle, with the ends of the stems showing, then you need real flowers. Overall, I'd say if you want to go with wooden flowers, get really good quality ones. And check to see what kind of stems they have. If there is no give to the stems, they are hard to work with.
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