Vendor Review: Out of Hand, Mount Pleasant, SC -- D+

I am not one to usually write reviews unless somone really impacts me. Out of Hand (OOH) certainly did that and not in a good way. We contracted OOH to do our flowers, rentals and day of coordination. During the planning process our day of coordinator was changed twice so we kept on meeting with the staff to catch the new person up on what had been decided. Our final coordinator was Allison. She seemed fairly on top of things. During the final months we met and emailed with Alison a few times to add some things. Since they were doing all our flowers and rentals we thought of her as our point person. Before the wedding I asked Alison for a timeline and floorplan (our venue required one) and she never produced one. I ended up doing the timelines and confirming with the vendors. A floorplan was not created until a day or two before the wedding. We were fine with how the coordinating went in general until we saw the flowers at the wedding. The brides bouquet had brown flowers and edges. They had a wrist corsage for my mother that was WAY to big and a bridesmaid had to safety pin it together to make it work. At the reception the flowers on the tables were unimpressive and the mantle we had contracted them to decorate and paid $180 to do so had two orchids and six votives (not our moneys worth). They also ordered the wrong cake stand size and had the wrong color flowers on the cake. These are all small details that could have been overlooked but what really upset this though was OOH's reaction to when my mom emailed them after the wedding to let them know she wasnt happy with the flowers (esp for the money spent). Alison said things like "She certainlyputs on a good front as she said everything was great when delivered and throughout the evening." and Lisa, the store owner went on and on about value to my mom. They seemed to think that because they spent more time with us in the planning stage that we should get less in terms of flowers and product on the day of. The emails back to my mom were so rude and I couldnt believe they would react this way to good paying customers. After the wedding we also found out that Alison wasnt such a great coordinator. Several guests commented to us about how rude she was and she insisted that the groomsmen stand to the side and not seat guests (even though seating guests was part of the timeline I created). In summary I would not feel confidant recommending OOH to any bride in the mount pleasant area. You dont know what you are going to get and how they will react to you once you do get it.

Re: Vendor Review: Out of Hand, Mount Pleasant, SC -- D+

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