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ok so the colors for my wedding are blue black and pink. im am getting married at the end of august 2011 and need some ideas for types of flowers i can use that will come in those colors other then roses. were doing a back yard bbq wedding. thanks for the ideas in advance.

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    There are very few "true"  blue flowers, most are closer to violet. The common ones I've found when researching for my own wedding are tweedia, delphinium, and hydrangea. I think the closest you can get to black flowers are dark purples like calla lillies, dahlia, orchids - personally I would recommened to use black as an accent color, like with ribbon, instead of getting black flowers.

    Pink flowers are so abundant you shouldn't have any problem finding lots of different kinds. Gerbera daises, carnations..try searching Google. Good luck!
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    Check out,, They all give you a pretty good idea of the flowers that are available right now. If they are on the website right now, you can get them for your wedding.

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