I know the groom pays for the groomsmen's boutt. Who pays for the readers corsage/boutt. at the wedding ceremony?

Also, has anyone ever heard of the grooms family paying for all of their out of town guests to have corsages/boutt at the wedding?


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    Are you paying for the wedding or are your (and his) parents footing the bill? If you're paying for your wedding then you are also paying for the flowers.  If your parents (both sides) are paying then they need to decide who is going to pay for them.

    DH and I paid for our own wedding and we also paid for our own flowers.

    Also, I have never heard of OOT guests getting flowers.  It's kind of pointless to give the special people in the wedding flowers to distinguish themselves if everyone is going to be wearing them.
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    Whomever is paying for the wedding generally pays for the flowers.  Traditional customs of who pays for what is becoming quickly outdated. 

    At one time, it might have been customary and common for the bride's family to pay for the wedding and reception, and the groom's family to pay for the rehearsal dinner.  It is still somewhat of a custom but certainly not required.  The only references to the groom or groom's family paying for some of the flowers are very antiquated, and certainly not commonly done any more.

    And no, I have NEVER heard of the groom's family being responsible for the bouts or for OOT guest bouts and corsages.  

    I don't want to sound rude, but WHO on earth is telling you this information, lol?
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    i've never been to a wedding where the out of town guests wore bouts.

    and we paid for our own wedding, so i can't help you with who pays for what! good luck!
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    I have heard that the "new age" thing is that the groom's parents pay for "FLOP," meaning Flowers, Liquor, Orchestra, & Photograher. So I don't think you are far off with that thought!!
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