Flowers baffle me.

I know NOTHING about flowers, but my Aunt has offered to assemble the flowers for my wedding - Yay! I'm having an orange/white/brown wedding in October and the BMs are wearing burnt orange dresses. I keep having people say that orange flowers for the BMs will be too much - so what should I do? I love sunflowers, daisies and roses - would like 3 sunflowers look weird just bunched together?

I was thinking about an orange bouquet for me with the brown swirly things (that you can see in the bouquet on the front page today) but I dont know what they're called. Does anyone know? If the girls have sunflowers though I probably should keep with that theme for ceremony flowers, right?

I was sorta hoping to keep everything very casual and the CP's will be in mason jars, so I really dont want anything too fancy - anyone have any ideas? Pictures will be appreciated. I have no idea about this stuff.


Re: Flowers baffle me.

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    I think 3 sunflowers together would be fine but then you are getting into yellow. If that is the color scheme ok but you said something about orange, brown, & white. Also, how formal is your wedding? Sunflowers and Gerber Daisies tend to give a more casual feel. If your wedding is very formal it might look strange.

    Mango calla lilies are available in October and would be pretty for your bouquet. Also consider white roses at full bloom with orange orchids mixed in. The brown swirly things are Fiddlehead Fern. You can find them on most wholesale flower web sites under greenery. I think they will add a nice accent. Also look into lilies. They have several orange shades.

    Your BMs can have different flowers; however the general color scheme should be the same. I think you are in a good place with color scheme. Just make sure that the casual/formal flowers are balanced. If the BMs have casual sunflowers while you have formal orchids and lilies it will look strange.
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    I would think aobut doing something in white and brown for the girls maybe with a little orange, and all white for you.  The sunflowers would look really nice, but they do bring in another color.

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