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Anybody out there do Manzanita (or any other type) branch centerpieces? How much did your florist charge for each centerpiece? I'm looking to get an idea about the the cost.  I like to have a medium to tall vase with hanging votives.  Or have crystals or strands of crystal -- fake of course! I know I can buy everything myself and put it together, but I don't think I will have time to do that.  Just curious.

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Re: Branch Centerpieces

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    I"m not sure how much a florist would charge but I think it would save a lot of money to DIY. It would be worth it I think. You could always put it together the night, or two nights, before the wedding. I've never used Manzanita but I have used curly willows before.  You could also look into those.
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    I used branches in 24 inch vases. I honestly have no idea how much they cost (my grandparents paid the florist), but my FI and MOH helped to put them together at the venue and said they weren't too difficult to deal with, so you could probably DIY as long as you had the materials.

    Just make sure they aren't going to topple over from being top-heavy. That was the nicest thing about not completely DIYing, as the florist knew the proper amount of weight to put in each vase, etc.


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