Seasonal flowers rant

Yeeeesh. I want a list of flowers that are actually seasonal at various times of year where I live. When I google it I get "oh sure, your florist can get you anything!" I don't want flowers flown halfway around the world, I want them grown relatively local if I can get them.

Re: Seasonal flowers rant

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    Florists and places you buy fresh flowers usually deal with one or two major suppliers, who get their flowers from all over the world.  They have their timing down pretty good, get regular shipments in, so they know when to order to ensure freshness and quality. 

    If you want "fresh" flowers grown locally, then you need to contact local growers.  But please be aware that it does not ensure better quality, which is much more important than freshness.

    I have had much better results with sources from "all over", than with local growers.  Local limits your choices and is harder to get just the right timing.

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    there are very few flowers that are "seasonal" any more unless you want garden flowers like zinnias,coripsis etc. Flowers come from all over the world and the prices stay fairly stable all year long. My advice?...stay away from major holiday especially valentines day and mothers day for your wedding. You will be paying premium prices no matter what flowers you choose.
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