Simple Flowers for 28 in. Vases?


One of our potential venues has a "platinum wedding" package for a great price. The only problem is that it comes with Eiffel Tower vases (28-inch fluted vases) -- the kind that usually hold floral centerpieces that look more like the mini-indoor-trees that you see on... well, Platinum Weddings.

We're doing a 1940s vintage wedding in the fall, so I want something more simple, elegant, and budget-friendly. Quite frankly, it doesn't even have to involve flowers at all. We were originally thinking of having birdcages with candles.

Any/All ideas welcome! Thanks!

Re: Simple Flowers for 28 in. Vases?

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    budvar1012budvar1012 member
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     Hmmmm, how about monochromatic tall arrangements of flowers with lengths of crystals (like from chandeliers) hanging from the blooms? I know you're not thinking flowers per se, but hey, it could work out fab if you're not into the ostrich feather thingies a la Platinum Weddings...
    When I think of 40s style, i think of film noir and long, slinky distinct shapes, like when  you look at the clothes of that era.   Short/no sleeves = long long gloves, sweetheart necklines, mermaid dresses, Veronica Lake peekaboo-style hair. Sharp kinds of colors, too--black, white, deep reds, etc.. black and white dance floors, art deco kinds of shapes, lots of crystal type touches here and there, maybe a matching flower for your hair, a blossom behind an ear, silver champagne buckets on the tables, red rose petals on the floor, maybe some champagne flutes with some shades and those teeny little lights that are battery operated in them? Or photos of the era used as table decorations? (Some clever soul, far cleverer than me, made some i saw once that were old black and white photos with vellum that were used as walls  inside joined picture frames thatmade a sqaure that surrounded table candles. If you can decipher the image I'm trying to describe, it might work, hahaha).

    PS. saw this on Indiebrides...
    "Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, WHOA. Lois, this is not my Batman glass."
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    FlowerMavenFlowerMaven member
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    Check with the florist creating your bouquets and ask them to pull together 2-3 ideas for you that will work with your budget. Or ask them what rental vases they have available and find out your options. If it's only a couple bucks to rent different vases that give you the look you want, you won't have to use the eiffel tower vases.

    What are your wedding colors?
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    The colors are another story! We wanted to do art deco with a bold cobalt/sapphire blue and pops of orange. BUT we also like the elegance of black linens... Since we're doing a fall wedding, black and orange together might be too Halloween-ish, even if we're just using orange as an accent. So we're back to the drawing board.
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