white Calla Lillies and white daisies

Hi, I need some adivce on how to incorparate calla lillies and white daisies into my wedding. I know they seem like they don't match but I am trying to make them look cohesive. Its very important to me to include both these flowers. I have already decided to have a single submerged callla lilly in a clear vase, but how do i incorporate the daisies? any advice will be appreciated

Re: white Calla Lillies and white daisies

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    Sue-n-KevinSue-n-Kevin member
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    Depending on the other colors you are having, you could get glass or mis-matched small bottles or containers that hold one or a few daisies, and have those around the clear vase with the calla lilly.

    Good luck. I think it sound fabulous!

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    Cryst@lCryst@l member
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    thank u!! I Will try it out, but great idea!!
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