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Has anyone ever ordered flowers from ?  The prices and flowers look beautiful, just wondered if anyone had any experience with them.
Thank you!

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    I haven't ordered from there, but i did order from a different website and i cant think of it right now!! i am doing "fake" flowers in little pots for the place card holder and i ordered about 90 flowers and it cost me around $45 so it's not too bad. Also, if you have a local AC Moore or Michael's around, they might be able to order them for you.
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    Flowers are one of the most important elements to me for my wedding.  I knew I wanted to use poppies in my bouquet, but i had 2 issues.  1. the flowers are really delicate and don't hold up well and 2. the chapel the ceremony is taking place at is a historical site and I couldn't use real red flowers b/c they could stain the carpet of the chapel so I have to use fake flowers. 

    I ordered my flowers at  A friend of mine who got married last year used her as well and the flowers are amazing, if I didn't know they were fake I would have never have guessed they weren't real. 

    she isn't taking any more custom orders for this year, but her online store has pre designed bouquets, and you can buy stems in bulk to make them yourself.  she specializes in real touch, and uses only top quality flowers. 


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    Haven't used any of the companies suggested, but check out I LOVE the site, immediately found the bouquet for me (green orchids across from the FAQ section under round bouquets). They show pictures of their flowers up close, so you can see for yourself that they look very real. Another knottie recommended them and I'm hooked. :)Good luck!
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